CH Tudox Quill N'Ink CDX AX
bred/owned by Shirley Quillen


Shirley Quillen:...Shirley's sharp-eyed scholarly schips show soundness, sweetness, savvy, and spunk has to refer to Paddy. Paddy finished his championship in 1989 with several breed wins over specials. He earned his CD in April 1994, learned to jump and retrieve, and then started Agility training in August after AKC initiated their program. On 4/1/95 he was the first schipperke to earn an AKC-NA. On 6/18/95 he was the first Schipperke to earn an AKC-OA. Then on 6/16/96 he was the first Schipperke to earn an AKC-AX and the number one schipperke in agility that year. (Front and Finish). Kelbri schips loaned Arlene to Paddy to help him earn his CDX on 7/5/97. Paddy's one claim to fame in the production field is Ch Tudox Calligraphy who retired after earning her championship to live with the family who had so wonderfully doted on her retired grandmother, Susie.

      CH Do-Well's Nitro ROMX
    CH ARES Beauregard O'Padolin ROMX
      CH Roetmop Aveline ROMX
  CH ARES Tuf Enuf Be
      CH Do-Well's Nitro ROMX
    CH Landmark's Moss Rose ROMX
      CH Landmark's Candid Glory
CH Tudox Quill'N Ink CDX AX
      CH Skipalong's Drum Major ROMX
    CH Perkie's Piccolo Pete ROM
      CH Skipalong's Schisma ROM
  CH Tudox Saxaphone Sue CD
      CH Skipalong's Billy Bon Howdy Do ROM
    CH Tudox Sara Bellum UD
      CH Skipalong's Bounc'N Button UD